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 Neem Jeevan Urea Coat

In tropical and subtropical countries, the losses of nitrogenous fertilizers mainly urea in field crops through leaching, denitrification and volatilization are very high and this is a major factor for appropriate economics in agriculture and horticulture.

These losses vary from 60% to 75% depending upon crops and conditions. Neem Jeevan Urea Coat is a major breakthrough in the improvement of agro economics. NJUC is indigenously developed by the R&D division of mizuno running shoes (India). NJUC is based on active neem bitters and organic matters with extra powerful action for nitrogen inhibition.

The coating of NJUC over urea ensures slow & regular availability of nitrogen matching the growth of crops / plants during their life cycle and leaves residual nitrogen for forthcoming crops. Thus NJUC improves the consumption of urea per acre and enhances the yield as well.

Mechanism of Action:
Neem Jeevan Urea Coat is 100% eco-friendly and environmentally safe neem bitters based product. NJUC is highly effective inhibitor to protect urea from bacterial nitrification under the soil conditions. It has neem bitters, which are highly effective ingredients extracted from neem seeds which not only keep the properties intact but also effectively retard the nitrification of urea.

NJUC coated urea mineralizes much slower than plain urea at least two to three times under soil conditions by controlling the multiplication process of nitrosomanas and nitrobacter spp. Which are responsible for nitrification. NJUC solution contains neem bitters and sulphurous compounds, which are mainly responsible for retarding the process of bacterial action. NJUC protects urea from leaching and volatilization.

Benefits of Neem Jeevan Urea Coat:

  • N.J.U.C. is a quality product. It is ready to use, economical and easy to apply over urea granules.

  • N.J.U.C. coated urea shows significant performance in delaying the microbial conversion of ammoniacal nitrogen to nitrite nitrogen and ensures slow and continuous availability of nitrogen to the crops.

  • N.J.U.C. ensures the reduction of leaching and denitrification.

  • N.J.U.C. saves urea, thus saves money.

  • N.J.U.C. ensures better yield and profits to farmers/growers.

  • N.J.U.C. helps protects crops from insects, pests, fungus, virus, soil borne diseases etc. due to the presence of neem triterpenes.

  • It is very economical.

  • It is 100% non-toxic, environmentally safe, and eco-friendly.

Economics in practice of Neem Jeevan Urea Coat:

The economics in agriculture and horticulture mainly depends upon inputs such as fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, weedicides, etc.. Saving in fertilizers mainly urea can be made through checking its wastage due to leaching, dentrification and volatilization. These losses could be reduced through proper placement, timely application of fertilizer and use of NJUC for nitrification.

When NJUC coated urea is used in agriculture/horticulture, at least 40% to 60% of urea can be saved and which can enhance the yield by timely availability of nitrogen to the plants. The practice of using NJUC improves the economics of inputs and outputs and also provides residual nitrogen in the soil for forthcoming crop to decrease the quantity of urea in our use. Our researchers at different locations have found that the residual effect of NJUC coated urea and prilled urea applied to rice was also evident in succeeding wheat crop.

The residual nitrogen from NJUC coated urea left after rice gave an additional wheat yield of 7 to 8 q/ ha and excessive of straw. The same enhancement of yield was achieved in sugarcane, cotton, potato, many vegetables. The practice of NJUC makes farmer/grower more prosperous and trouble free by reducing the cost of urea and treating the soil from soil borne pests/insects and pathogens.

How to Use:
Mix 500ml Neem Jeevan Urea Coat with 50 Kg. of urea in a seed coating drum or on a plastic sheet in shade and rum thoroughly until a uniform coating is formed.

The coated urea is now ready to use.

The Coated urea can be stored in normal conditions properly sealed in a bag or container.

500ml. HDPE bottle and Bulk pack of 200 liters.



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