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 Neem Jeevan Pestimix

Improvement of agricultural inputs such as fertilizers, high yielding varieties and above all proper plant protection technology with improved pesticides, will remain a dominant activity world over.Present day pesticides (synthetic) have limitations in efficacy due to resistance development in insects/pests, causing major deterioration to the environment and the eco-system and higher residual effect in produces. The effect of developing resistance in pests is causing major problem among the users and are compelled to repeat the sprays in quick sessions. This practice is affecting the economics as well as resistance in pests against synthetic molecules.

Research and Development division of Jegson Hi-Tech Industries has developed “NEEM JEEVAN PESTIMIX” which is a combination of plant oils and is 100% natural and safe to the eco-system. Neem Jeevan Pestimix is an answer to any farmers/growers problems and can help in minimising the use of synthetic pesticides, reduced repetition of sprays and will give multidimensional support to pesticidal molecules.

Mode of Action:
Neem Jeevan Pestimix is a combination of natural sticky resinous bio-chemicals in oil form. It is 100% soluble in water and has excellent compatibility with all types of insecticides/pesticides and fungicides. It protects synthetic molecules (pesticidal/fungicidal) from quick damage through environmental factors. It acts as a synergist and increases the efficacy of any pesticide/fungicide in multidimensional way because the bio-molecules of the plant oils in N.J.Pestimix have unique additive effects viz. repellent , deterrant , anti-feedant , hormonal blocker, sterility in males, larval toxicant, etc. in combination with synthetic or bio-molecules it’s effects are doubled and better control of pest/pathogenic problems is managed resulting in better agro economics.Besides providing knockdown effect the admixture of N.J.Pestimix and Synthetic or bio pesticides/fungicides, doesn’t pressurise the eco-system and doesn’t let the pest get resistant to any particular molecule. While using N.J.Pestimix with any pesticide/ fungicide no sticker or spreader is required.

Area of Application:
Neem Jeevan Pestimix can be used with all types of synthetic Insecticide/Pesticide, fungicide or bio-pesticide (Bt./NPV/botanical).It has brilliant compatibility with all existing insecticides/pesticides,fungicides.It can be used on any crop Agriculture, Horticulture, Floriculture, Plantations, Lawns, Kitchen gardens, Ornamentals, Potted plants, Organic farming, Golf courses, etc.

Method of Use :

  1. Prepare the solution of water and Pesticide/fungicide as per the recommended ratio.

  2. Shake well the bottle of Neem Jeevan Pestimix.

  3. Mix N.J.Pestimix in the ratio of 2.5 ml./litre in the already prepared solution of synthetic pesticide/fungicide.

  4. Mix N.J.Pestimix in the ratio of 5 ml./litre in the ready solution of bio-pesticide.

  5. Spray thoroughly all over the crop/plant well enough that the plant is totally drenched.

  6. For better results spray early morning or after sunset to avoid ultra violet rays.

500ml. HDPE bottle / Bulk pack of 200 litres.

" Save the Environment - Use Eco friendly products"


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