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Veg Fru Wash(Organic Soap)
Veg Fru Wash is a sorbitol based cleaner with excellent cleaning power to gently wash away every type of surface toxicants like pesticides / fungicides residue, bacteria, hidden fungi, sand, wax, dirt, grime, oils, etc. present on the surface of fruits and vegetables which is nearly impossible to wash through water washing alone.

secura is neem based herbal disinfectant for household and commercial use. It is completely safe to human beings and can be used anywhere without any fuss It is very effective anti-germ and repels flies, mosquitoes and all types of pathogens.

LICEND(Herbal Anti-Lice)
Licend -100% Natural Solution to Head Lice and Nits. Licend is a herbal, non-toxic , chemical free solution of problem of lice (Pediculus humanus), nits and dandruff. It is 100% safe and easy to use with no side or direct effect on hair and human beings. It doesn't contain any pesticide.

Ecosense Revitalising Anti-Dandruff Hair Oil
A Herbal Wonder. It rejuvenates hair growth , Arrests hair fall , checks dandruff , Checks head Lice , Gives volume to hair, Prevents premature greying.
Ecosense Anti-Ageing Body Care Oil
Neem Deodorised oil with Vitamin E. Ideal skin nourishing herbal oil for all types of skin. Best for skin massage even for infants. Fastens rough or cracked skin healing. Makes skin supple and soft.


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