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All the products listed here are all natural products. The products specially formulated for use in Agriculture have been formulated keeping in consideration their efficacy to replace toxic synthetic chemicals and environmental degradation. All the ingredients used in these formulations have been in use in traditional medical system in India for curing human related diseases, hence are safe to human beings. Tough every human is biologically unique, there behaviour to any natural or synthetic product can be different. These formulations has been tried and tested in different institutions in India for their safety to environment, plants, animals and human beings, all the products tested for use in agriculture has been found to have nil phytotoxicity and no symptoms of toxicity to animals, fish, human or environmental threat was found during studies, however self evaluation of any product is recommended before its use in large scale and help of qualified personnel in agriculture or agricultural institutions must be taken before using any new product. In case if they or you need more information related to our products we will be more than glad to be of any assistance.

All the products listed for human use have been subjected to various clinical or laboratory studies(we are against animal testing) with results may be applicable to human health. All the ingredients are natural and have been used in traditional medical system in India and are still in use in Indian Ayurvedic medical system and tough every human is biologically unique but no ill symptoms or side effects have been reported due to use of these natural ingredients till date. It is always supported that one must take the help of a qualified practitioner who supports naturotherapy and believes in natureís capability to heal and cure incurable diseases.

Neem and other herbs used in formulating these products only help in enhancing your bodyís capability to treat and to fight against external factors as it is known fact that human body is a complete laboratory in itself, it can treat and cure any ailment on itís own. By using these natural products one is only supporting his body system to treat itself.

We donít claim that any of our products be used for curing or treating any disease. All these products have been tried and evaluated in India and must be evaluated by the individual purchasing or other institutions before using them.

We disclaim any liability or responsibility with the use of any of the listed products as the end use of the product, itís method of use and use of recommendations is beyond our control.

Before purchasing, individual import laws, custom regulations, customs duty(if any), local taxes and permissions from any authority, etc. must be checked as the company doesnít charge any taxes or guarantee any customs clearance or any local authority permissions for import into a particular county or state.

Company will not be responsible for any taxes (local/customs duty/etc.). Any charges beyond India will be on account of the purchaser. The purchaser holds the right to cancel his / her order within 48 hours from placing the order. The company will not charge anything except actual expenses done in sending back the remittance .The company will not accept any cancellation once the goods have left itís factory.

The goods will be despatched within 5-7 days from the receipt of money in our bank.

In case of delay due to unavoidable circumstances the purchaser will be intimated immediately by e-mail and will hold the right to cancel if he/she wishes.

The goods once sold will not be returned back as handling during transport is beyond our control, tough we take utmost care in packaging so the goods can be delivered in itís original shape but we cannot guarantee handling beyond India.

We assure best possible care in producing quality products and providing information and service to every customer who chooses to use our quality products. 

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