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Neem Jeevan Spray(Bio Pesticide)
Neem Jeevan Spray is an environmentally safe and eco-friendly formulation based on the wonder tree NEEM (Azadirachta Indica) from India. Neem Jeevan Spray is the best bio-pesticide prepared from the extract of neem seeds/kernels containing 3000 p.p.m. of bio-active molecules maintained at accurate level based on HPLC assay.

Neem Jeevan Urea Coat
Neem Jeevan Urea Coat is 100% eco-friendly and environmentally safe neem bitters based product. NJUC is highly effective inhibitor to protect urea from bacterial nitrification under the soil conditions. It has neem bitters, which are highly effective ingredients extracted from neem seeds which not only keep the properties intact but also effectively retard the nitrification of urea.

Neem Jeevan Pestimix
Organic Synergist. Neem Jeevan Pestimix is a novel formulation based on herbal oils which work as synergists to chemical insecticides and fungicides enhancing their performance in field conditions. Important IPM tool.

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