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Late Sd. Joginder Singh Dhingra

" In Tribute to the Man who changed the course of our lives. His insight and vision will always be our pillar of strength. Till time immemorial. A Towering Personality, his wisdom will always continue to guide us.
We pay our respectful homage to this great soul and rededicate ourselves
to achieve the goals and objectives set by him."

Jegson Innovative Industries is the flagship company of the Jegson Group having diversified interests and is devoted to Environmental, Ecological Upliftment and Healing the Mother Earth by offering Eco-friendly and Environmentally Safe Products.

Throughout the world, there is now an increasing preference for organic food products. So global demand for bio-pesticides, bio-fungicides and organic fertilizers and natural human care products is rising sharply. Jegson Innovative Industries is proud to partner international players in bio-product's segment.
To supplement this, Jegson Innovative Industries endeavors to offer wide range of eco-friendly products and formulations for global marketing, benefiting the farmer and ensuring good health for all and creating new concepts in natural human care products.

Jegson is striving to master global trade in natural products segment specialising in Neem based products for any kind of application.

The manufacturing facilites incorporates frontal technologies and systems for raw materials processing, manufacturing the intermediates and end formulations with world class packaging. These are performed at extremely competitive costs, to the demanding standards of productivity and quality.
The inner strength of Jegson Innovative Industries lies in its in-house R&D and quality control infrastructure. The company has established strong linkage with the leading institutes of agriculture in India, recognized worldwide as the seat of agricultural academics and research.

Jegson plans in the near future to be known as specialist manufacturer for neem based products and is determined to popularise it's brands "Neem Jeevan" and "Ecosense" worldwide as measuring standards for best quality in herbal products.

"Neem Jeevan" and "Ecosense" are the registered trademark of Jegson Innovative Industries, India.

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