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Environmental degradation and threat from toxic synthetic chemicals in food items causing fatal diseases challenging human survival, has inspired JEGSON to work towards exploring nature for finding solutions for replacing these toxic synthetic products.

JEGSON is now engaged in exploring the rich bio-diversity of India and has been successful in finding such bio-molecules which can replace the toxic synthetic products and are equally effective and safe to human beings.

JEGSON is concentrating on Indian bio-diversity (herbs,shrubs,trees) mainly neem and itís family members for developing eco-friendly and environmentally safe formulations for Agriculture, Horticulture, Floriculture, Animal use and Human use.


For centuries, Neem has been held in high esteem in India because of itís medicinal and insecticidal properties. Since ancient time Neemís various plant parts have been successfully used to control domestic insects, stored grain pests, crop pests and for human and livestock medicines. Neem is described as having amoebicidal, anti-allergic, anti-dermatitic, anti-inflammatory, anti-periodontitic, anti-tuberculus, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-feedant, larvicidal, bactericidal, insecticidal, spermicidal and wormicidal properties. The Neem and itís cornucopia of products ?eco-friendly pesticides, medicines, cosmetics, birth control pills and ecological wealth- promise to rescue the world mired in poverty, overpopulation and environmental degradation and also offer the prospect of better food quality for developed countries beset with problems of toxic food residues and growing pesticide resistance. JEGSON in the past few years has concentrated heavily on Neem, itís bio-molecules mainly Azadirachtin and possibilities of benefiting this world by formulating quality products with convenience of use. JEGSON is not only formulating quality products but is also engaged in educating consumers on how to get benefits from nature and itís resources. JEGSON is also aware of replenishment to the nature and not just exploiting bio-diversity alone. We are also creating awareness to plant more trees especially the oneís with medicinal value like Neem (Azadirachta indica) and also is engaged in planting a whole jungle of Neem and other herbs. JEGSON with itís in-house R&D is poised to offer a natural solution to every problem and substitute any synthetic chemical. Our immense honesty towards nature is sure to help us in giving natural solutions to every problem. 

Neem Jeevan Spray Neem Jeevan Urea Coat SECURA (Herbal Disinfectant) Neem Jeevan Pestimix Ecosense Anti-Ageing Body Care Oil

Neem Jeevan Spray Neem Jeevan Urea Coat SECURA (Herbal Disinfectant) Neem Jeevan Pestimix Ecosense Anti-Ageing Body Care Oil


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